The awesome Immune system!!!!!

There's a lot of workers!

What they do..

The immune system. They help keep your body away from evil germs. Lots of workers help to keep your body immune to harmful bacteria. Thats the Immune System

How the immune system works

The secret of the workings of the immune system

First, germs and bacteria is all around us. Our skin helps us to prevent the germs by protecting the inside of our body with a layer of defence. Then the nose is a defense, too. It has nose hair, which helps traps the germs, then mucus flushes the germs out when you blow your nose. The stomach help you, too! Germs are also on our food, so the stomach uses stomach acid to destroy the germs. When the bacteria gets through all the barriers, its time for the immune system to show up! First, a caller white cell spots it. Then it calls the eater white cells to eat it. But first, antibodies stick themselves to the germ, to act as a red flag to signal the eater white cells. Sometimes, the antibodies can kill the germ by itself, but usually the eater white cells eat the germ

Parts of the immune system

Nose, mouth, mucus, stomach, eater white cells, caller