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January 4, 2022

Welcome Back to 2022

Hello Binkley Families,

Welcome Back and Happy New Year! I hope everyone has spent a wonderful Winter Break enjoying time with family and friends. I would like to extend my very sincere thanks to the families and students who shared very thoughtful holiday gifts and cards with me before break, these kind gestures made my heart swell three times more than its actual size, and reminded me just how fortunate I am to be here at Binkley.

As students transition from break, we welcome them back with open arms but also know that there may be some bumps along the way with getting back into a school routine and the rise of COVID cases. Know that we are going to be extra kind and gentle with ourselves and each other this month, as these are all stressors for our entire community. For our students we are focusing back on our school theme this year of BELONGING, and in January showing how we can be present in class: mind, body, and spirit.

How can we achieve BEING PRESENT* this month?

  • Encourage your child to be ready for school and get here on time by re-engaging in your routine. Prepare everything you need the night before, including plenty of hours of sleep.
  • Talk about how the day is in chunks so there are breaks at just the right time, and we need to do our best to stay in class and present on the learning. Great brain breaks are to stretch arms and legs, do wrist circles, or our breathing exercises from Ms. Cindy's Mindful Mondays.
  • When doing our learning focus on self and others around you to be your best. Are you making choices so others can learn, and you can? If you are having trouble, it is a perfect time to ask your teacher for a break.

*Of course, if your child is ill or exposed to COVID, we maintain the expectation to stay home for health & safety of all. These days are considered excused ill when communicated to our office staff and COVID Health Assistant.


Just a gentle reminder when you come to drop off/pick up, do not leave your vehicle unless you are in a designated parking space. There are two lanes for loading and unloading, and we need you to pull as far as you can so our buses and vans can get through. If you leave your vehicle you make our traffic back up and unsafe for others.



Harmony Harvell, Principal

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