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April 27-May 1, 2015 Cedar Hill Elementary

Believe it or not.... it is the last week of April!!!!!

"The things in our schools that truly count cannot be counted. You can't put a number on character, a rating on a teacher's passion, or a rank on a child's excitement!"

Thank you to those of you who sent well wishes to our test takers and teachers last week during testing! We are on the home stretch! Third grade will finish on Monday and fifth grade on Thursday!

Thanks for coming to the carnival and helping the PTO!!!! It was a HUGE SUCCESS!!!

It's the end of the year and Old "mis"behaviors may start to pop up...NOW!!!

From: The Power of Positive Intent...

Depending on where you are, there is 4-6 weeks left of school. It is a bittersweet time. It is also the time of year that some misbehaviors that seemed long gone, suddenly resurface.

First, we'll talk about why. Then, we'll talk about what to do.

Why?? Didn't we nip that in the bud... back in October???

The end of the school year is the start of a transition. Think about the student who still struggles to transition from school to home or from reading centers to lunch.

The end of the year means moving away from:

*A familiar group of classmates

*An ingrained daily routine

*A known dynamic with a known teacher

And moving towards:

*A new group of classmates

*A new routine that may be more demanding

*A new relationship with a new teacher

Yikes! That can feel overwhelming! And typically, these children are not aware that they are feeling this way and are not going to say, "I'm feeling anxious about ending this school year and starting a new one." Instead they act out.

Are you willing to take those misbehaviors as communication that Anxious is lurking in the background?

What TO DO

1. Encourage your students to help themselves by helping others. Discuss what students moving up may be feeling and questions they may have.

2. Use the discussion from #1 to create class-made books welcoming next year's students and answering some of the questions they may have about being in that grade or having that teacher. We have seen examples of many classes creating class-made books on how to do their School Family jobs!

3. Have your students write friendly letters to the students in the above grade level asking from more information about that grade. "Anxious" is seeking information! This activity may help "Anxious" start to calm!

4. Increase rituals to connect. Increase moments of eye contact, touch, playfulness and presence (student to student and teacher to student.)

5. Plan and/or prepare end of the year rituals. Create ways to celebrate every member of your School Family and their unique gifts.

Upcoming Reminders:

April 30- Grades updated in Infinite Campus; Website updated for month

Teacher Growth Plans are due to the Board Office May 1.

SRI Teacher Report and Growth Report- due May 1.

May 1- Instructional/Board Store Orders due to Gabe.

Letters of Commendation for the May 8 assembly need to be turned in by Monday, May 4.

2015/16 Class Division List is due from each grade level by May 8.

If you are going on a class field trip, please turn in your bus dues so we can deposit them.

Upcoming Events

April 27: MAP ELA - Grade 3 AM

MAP ELA- Grade 5- PM

April 28: EER and Teamwork Tuesday

5th Grade ELA Class Event- afternoon

6:00- PTO Meeting

April 29: MAP ELA Testing- 5th grade

3:00- Staffing (S.B.) Viessman, Bock, Rost

April 30 Data Team Day and Sonic Drink

5th Grade ELA Testing- 5th Grade

2:45- Lorie meets with ECSE

May 1:

8:20- Tier 2 PBS meeting ???

Orders for 2015-16 due to Gabe

SRI reports due

Professional Growth Plans Due

May 4-8- Staff Appreciation Week

May 2: Little Olympics