No need to fearia you can be safe from Listeria!

Where is it found?

Listeria can be found in many things! A few of these things are: unpasteurized dairy products, such as soft cheeses and milk. Listeria has also been found in sliced deli meats, smoked fish, hot dogs, and deli prepared salads.
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How do you become infected with it??

You can get Listeria by eating any of the foods listed above. You can get Listeria by not heating your deli meats enough before eating. Or even by eating leftovers that were not put away within two hours of being made.

Symptoms of Listeria

You definitely don't want Listeria because the symptoms can be very serious and can even cause deaths. Listeria is usually only contracted to those who are Pregnant, are Elders (65 yrs +), or people with weakened immune systems. If pregnant women have Listeria it can cause miscarriage, stillbirths and even newborn death. Elders with Listeria of can have Listeria spread throughout their bloodstream and often it kills them. People with weakened immune systems also can have Listeria spread throughout their bloodstream and can cause meningitis.

How to prevent Listeria

We can outsmart Listeria by knowing, and avoiding risky foods, heating deli meats and hot dogs until hot and steaming before eating, not drinking unpasteurized milk or eating soft cheeses from it, and lastly to refrigerate leftovers within 2 hours of being made.

How to prevent any foodborne illness

1) Use a meat thermometer to make sure your meat is always fully cooked. 2) Make sure you fridge is always 40 degrees or lower. 3) Never put cooked meat on a plate that held raw meat. 4) Never eat raw cookie dough. 5) Refrigerator leftovers within 2 hours of being made. With these simple steps we can help keep our selves from contracting food borne illnesses