Brass Teaching Clinic

Marcus Reynolds in association with ABC MH Music



Marcus Reynolds in assocation with ABC Music, will be
sharing tips and advice to help you improve your brass
playing in your chosen style at a Brass teaching clinic.
This will be held at the ABC MH Music Store, No 7. St. Mary's Rd, Market Harborough. LE16 7DS


Marcus Reynolds will be demonstrating the NEW embouchure system which has been heralded as the, “Most innovative aid introduced to brass playing for the last one hundred years!”


Brass Teaching Clinic

At ABC MH Music 7, St. Mary's Rd, Market Harborough, LE16 7 DS.
Commencing at 9.15 an to 11 am.
On Saturday 14th September 2013

Introducing P'bone - the Original Plastic Trombone

Affordable, lightweight, durable and fun available in this store and demonstrated by Marcus Reynolds.

Look what's being said about P-Bone.

“I have found the pBone to be an inspirational trigger to learning. It’s almost impossible for a musician, or beginner, to dismiss the urge to pick one up and have a ‘toot’. Combine this desirability to its obvious robustness and the pBone makes a strong case for securing its role as the ideal tool for whole class tuition.”

Andy Culshaw - Sandwell Music & Arts Service

“When you take something that many enjoy and turn it into something everyone can enjoy, you have done something special. The pBone is just that and they play great too!”

Jonathan Pippin - Trombone player

· “I believe the pBone will start a trombone revolution. Combine its excellent tone quality with looks to die for and you have a musical winner!”

Kevin Hathway - Head of Brass, Wind and Percussion

For More Details about this Special Event

contact:- Matt. on 01858 463144
or. Marcus Reynolds on. 07815 504619

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