Perseverance, Adversity & Triumph

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As many say, you have never lived until you've learned. In each persons life they must learn, and to learn you must persevere. The definition of perseverance however is different for all people. Some people believe that if they achieve a goal through determination, that is perseverance. Others think that it is to be able to succeed and climb the mountain of life. That is the true definition of perseverance. Each figure in the photos above showed great perseverance, as well as having many adversitys + triumphs.

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill is a very successful and historical figure. He was born on the 20th of November, 1874, 15 years before Adolf Hitler. During his childhood, many things happened. His parents were often not around much, and he fell ill quite often. Winston did not do well in his first few years of school, as a primary result of nearly non-existent parents. However he did have a nanny who he loved dearly, and even keep in touch with her until the day she died. Throughout his life he has shown that he was rebellious, hardworking, and occasionally depressed. For example his rebellious side showed when he had wanted to become a soldier. After 7 months of basic training, he had been sent to war and captured as a P.O.W. This means prisoner of war, but in being captured for only a month, he was able to escape. Now, he also had many points in his life when he was depressed. When he was forced out of his job in politics (Though he was still member of the parliament) he felt as though his entire political career was over. However 2 years after the fact; he was asked to take the position that was Minister of Munitions. For reference this was in July of 1917. Winston is best known for being the first Lord of Admiralty, which is the position that leaves one person in having full control of the military. The reason why he is best known for this is because he had to lead the British Military into World War 2. During this time it was very challenging; Germany had been gaining more power, leaving the British Military in the dust. Even though it seemed hopeless that Germany would lose the war, Winston Churchill said “It is generally said that the British are often better at last.” From this quote we know that the British have better endings than beginnings, so there still was a small chance of triumph in that battle. At the end of the war; France, the U.S, the Soviet Union, China, Canada, Australia, Britain and others had been the victors. Yet, this all may not have happened if it weren't for Winston Churchill.

The Lady Jaguars

All across the world, many children live in unstable housing; whether it has to do with their parents, neighborhood, et cetera. Now, in focusing in on Tennessee, there is a group of girls in particular who are far too familiar with this way of living. The main difficulty is getting these kids into a better environment, so they can finally thrive. This is because many of these kid’s parents are in prison, alcoholics, or even may not pay to help daughters; for whatever reason. These kids have been influenced badly, so they need help. For these kids to get help, they have to have somewhere to go. Now, this is where Carroll academy comes into play. What this is, is a school that gives these Teens a place of therapy. While they still live with their guardians, they get a proper education, and play a sport called basketball. This is required, as it teaches the kids perseverance and the will to move on in life. Even though these girls have been on a 218 losing streak, they still keep trying and trying at every game. In the end, the girls are allowed to go back to regular school. It is an emotional time for the basketball coaches, teachers, and other students at the school when this happens, but it is all for the best. These teens learn that you should keep going, never give up, and never give in; which is the most important thing in life after all, not the adversities.

Leroy and Dartanyon

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Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson did much more than just play baseball. He was a very iconic figure in the civil rights movement, who had much resilience. Throughout his life he played baseball, but without his massive effect on baseball; there will be a large delay in equal rights for all people. It had started when the noble Jackie began to play baseball; as he had thought of a dream. Jackie wanted to play in the major leagues, but it would be nearly impossible. During his time, racial segregation was a quite familiar term and/or act. He had to play in the "Negro-league's" as some may call it when he was younger. As he grew up Mr. Robinson realized that as a black man, many opportunities and privileges were going to be taken away from him. Therefore, his goal was nearly impossible, though he kept trying and trying with the large amount of ambition he had. After a long time; he had been given an audition spot for a major-league team to play on, which he decided to venture into trying out for. As time went on, he heard that the audition was designated for a black man, but it wasn't just for baseball. Created by a man named Branch Rickey (Coach for the Brooklyn Dodgers) was "The Noble Experiment." Branch Rickey explained to Jackie what the experiment was and the hardships/adversities that would come with it. Even after knowing the troubles that were all very possible, Jackie Robinson accepted the deal on April 15, 1947. He felt as though it were his obligation. In the time that he had accepted the deal, many things happened to Jackie. It was not only his large baseball accomplishments that he had had, it was the major impact that he has made on the world. Mr. Robinson had fought racism not by fighting back, but just by playing baseball all the way until 1957 when he retired, leaving a large footprint in the history of America.

Eleanor Roosevelt

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