network topologies...

Network topologies are ways of the sever sending data to monitors and other things like that. There are many ways of doing it three of them are called bus, ring and star!


In the bus all of the workstations, servers are joined to one cable. At each end of the cable a terminator is fitted to stop signals reflecting back down the bus this is a good thing but there are also many problems because they can jam very easily because all the information is coming in at once so it gets very crowded. Another thing is if one breaks other data wont get passed.


In a ring network each server is connected to two other devices this forms a circle for the signals to travel round. the data can travel in both directions so if a workstation breaks it can travel the other way unlike the bus which would break down but if two on each side break there would be no way of it ravelling through.


The star is probably the most convenient because each server has an individual way of connecting so it wouldn't crash.