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Homeopathy Treated Patient

Homeopathy is based on the principle similar to the untreated like. Thus, if the patient has a fever, giving him the means to cause a temperature of a healthy person, but it would at lower temperatures. All the power of this method reveals.

Since it was created, more than two centuries, homeopathy is the subject of controversy among doctors and pharmacists. While one glorified, others question the results of the treatment. It is interesting that throughout history many doctors received the task to deny the importance of homeopathy, but in the end, making sure of its beneficial effects, alone and began to implement it.

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Homeopathy is recognized by the World Health Organization, according to the report, which this method of treatment is in second place in the world, behind Chinese medicine. Traditional medicine accounts for only fourth place in the list of WHO.

In homeopathic company has a department of the Academy of Sciences, and many believe in the power of homeopathy that no pharmacy where you can get homeopathic preparations. The British royal family has over 100 years of being treated homeopathically. In Serbia, however, homeopathy has long been neglected. Legally recognized only in 2007 but today in our country have a growing number of supporters.

A specialist in internal medicine and homeopathy, the basic principle of homeopathic treatment "shall be similarly treated similar" explains a practical example

Most of us know that parsley cures inflammation of the bladder, but when healthy man uncontrolled taking large amounts of parsley tea, assigned to problems similar to those of a urinary infection.

There are many such examples in our natural medicine and therefore the principle of homeopathic treatment is very similar to the popular proverb "take a hair of the dog that bit you." For example, if a patient has a fever, give him the means to make a healthy man caused the fever, but will see him act to lower the temperature.

However, homeopathy is not herbalism or folk medicine. It is a skill that treatment of other medical branches differs in many ways, but the most subtle methods and special access to the patient.