Such a bone poppin' job! By Tanner Schwegman

What A Chiropractor Does..

Chiropractors help patients with problems neuromusculosketetal system which are the nerves, ligaments, bones, muscles and tendons. They adjust the spine, use manipulation, and techniques to manage the patients health problems like neck and back pain.

Chiropractor Certification

All chiropractors need a Doctor of Chiropractic degree and a state license.

Daily Activities

Daily Activities for a Chiropractor is they deal with patients helping out their backs trying to make it as healthy as possible.


Need a Doctor of Chiropractic which usually takes 4 years to complete. Also require 3 years of undergraduate education.

Pay $$$

Median Pay for Chiropractors is $66,160 per year and $31.81 per hour.


Good communication, a degree, being able to identify health problems, analyze the spine.

Practice Setting

Most chiropractors work in solo places. A large number of chiropractors are self-employed.

Job Outlook

In the next 7 to 10 years the Job Outlook for Chiropractic is 15% which is really good.

Chiropractic Video

Pain Relief Adjustment: Back & Neck, Pop Back, Chiropractic Care Austin