sam furches

You have to work hard to get places

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something you did yesterday

I went to N.C. State University so my sister could take a tour of the campus. She has already been accepted to State. I was really excited because I am a huge State fan.
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something about your childhood

Something about my childhood is that I am known as the handyman around the house. I can pretty much fix anything. I have repaired sink faucets, replaced toilets, etc.
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something you do well

Something I do well is build legos. I have been building legos since I was six. The largest thing I have built is a restaurant with 2,469 pieces.
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something you learned last week

Something that I learned last week is how to install a smoke alarm. I love to fix and build things. I find it is easier to focus while doing hands on activities.
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something you can't live without

I can't live without Tv. I like to watch it when Im not busy. I like to play games on it as well. My favorite TV show is Breaking Bad.
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something you have to watch/listen to

Something that I have to watch is N.C. State playing basketball. They are my favorite college team. I am wanting to go to State.