FAPS Strategic Planning


DRAFT of FAPS 2021 (Strategic Plan)

FAPS 2021 is a three year plan that has been created through surveys, focus groups and collaboration between all stakeholders within our school community.

This plan will be the foundation of our growth over the next three years in the areas of Support and Development, Community, and Stability.

Click on the link below to look over the DRAFT Strategic Plan and please complete the short survey.

Next steps: Once approved by the Board of Education, action items and deadlines will be set and appropriate personnel will be assigned to various tasks/procedures.

Thank you for taking time to view the plan and to give us the feedback needed to move forward.

Timeline of Strategic Planning Process

Good Reads on Strategic Planning

Executive Team Planning Sessions

November 10, 2017

December 18, 2017

January 29, 2018

February 16. 2018

March 2018

May 8, 2018

Strategic Planning Executive Team

  • Dr. Adam Hartley, FAPS Parent and Superintendent
  • Dr. Doug Busch, FAPS Executive Director for Finance and Personnel
  • Heidie Ciesielski, FAPS Executive Director for Teaching and Learning
  • Dr. Courtney Szuch, FAPS Executive Director of Special Education
  • Dana Jones, FAPS Parent and FAPS Board Member
  • Kevin Powers, FAPS Parent and FAPS Director of Innovations
  • Keith Reynolds, FAPS Parent and FAPS Board Member
  • Mark Suchowski, Fenton High School Head of School/Principal
  • Brett Young, Tomek-Eastern Elementary Principal