Private Label June Newsletter

Updates from QC, Customer Care and Vendor Problems!

Hey Guys! Nice to see you again

Here is our June Newsletter for Private Label! So many exciting things happening with our beloved brand lately! The New York Plus Pop-Up shop, and Private Label styles being used in more marketing! Lets keep this awesomeness rolling! We hope that we covered some important topics for you guys this month! Please let us know by filling in the survey below on what you would like to see in next months newsletter as well as what you would like to see every month! We have a ton of information that we would just love to share!

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Customer Care

Over all the Customer enjoys the fun patterns we are using! Seems like every one is loving the material quality on a lot of the Vertical styles. Some of the issues spotted and talked about was the over all fit of the garments especially plus sizes. Such as the torso being too short and hitting at a odd height and causing it to look unflattering. We are hearing that waist placement is important to our plus girl. Arm holes cut too large causing the visibility of undergarments. And gaping at the chest.

Quality Control

This was a busy month! We got a green light on a few full QTY send backs, but this means a little more poor quality goods. Looks like the main culprit is Sugar Lips, with the majority of send backs coming from that vendor. Oh and Windy City Gate... work in progress! But good thing is major problems are generally coming from one vendor!

Also, Measurements not matching up with our size chart, most commonly running larger than our size chart. Approved specs are sometimes larger than our size chart.


Some of the common issues in fit: True to size garments are a bit snug but when sizing up that size becomes too large. Running large at the waist. Having to make split fit recommendations, for reg and plus sizes. Inconsistencies in the fit and feel of the garments. Big jumps in the fit from XS to Small and Large to XL.

Vendor Relations

Because of the difference between Private Label and the other categories, I thought vendor reports was a good way to convey some useful information to the PL team. This month, I reviewed two of our Private Label contract vendors, Sugar Lips and Yes Master.

If you have any requests for other vendors, or for different information to be included in these reports, please let me know! Also, let me know if there is any other VP information you feel would be relevant for your team- my goal is to make this newsletter as useful as possible.

Yes Master Vendor Report

There were 8 total Yes Master VP's from March 26, 2013 to the present.

  • Missing hygienic liners - 4
  • Missing country of origin - 3
  • Stains - 1

Vendor Communication & Response Time

Yes Master is a good vendor to work with. They respond quickly and communicate in a professional manner.

Compliance Issues

We received several styles from Yes Master that were packaged incorrectly. The swimsuits came in and the poly bags did not have the sizes and style numbers labeled on them. There was also no invoice for the shipment and the boxes were not labeled. That being said, this vendor was very receptive and promised better performance in this area in the future.

Sugar Lips Vendor Report

There were 9 total Sugar Lips VP's from April 18, 2013 to the present.

  • Stains - 2
  • Uneven hem/Lining - 1
  • Seams - 1
  • Print Defects - 1
  • Fit - 4

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