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November 2022

Truly Grateful

Happy November, Oakland families. We have made so much progress through October. The theme for this month is “An Attitude of Gratitude.” Over the past decade, psychology researchers have identified the tremendous social, psychological, and physical health benefits of giving thanks. How do you do this? I attempt to keep a daily journal or spend intentional time reflecting in the morning to focus on things I'm grateful for. I’m also reminded throughout the day when I have many conversations with students, teachers, and families.

As I raise my children, I try to remind them of this mindset. Growing up in an instant gratification world, I remind our kids how well off they have it. I must admit, at times, I go down memory lane with them, reminding them what it was like when I grew up. I know it is nothing like today. It is a lot harder now than then. Still, I talk about the importance of being grateful for our days, no matter the highs and lows.

Here are my Top 12 ways to show Gratitude this month.

1. Say please and thank you.

Our manners show that we do not believe we are entitled to anything and appreciate whatever comes our way.

2. Help someone less fortunate.

This could be your neighbor down the street, grandma, or someone you know who is in a tough spot.

3. Volunteer.

Help out at a homeless shelter, soup kitchen, or non-profit.

4. Send out thank you cards.

Express your gratitude for those who have added value to your life.

5. Look for awe-inspiring moments in your day.

Suppose the sunset is particularly beautiful; comment on it. If the sound of the baby’s laughter warms your heart, tell your children. Encourage them to look for their awe-inspiring moments and share them with you.

6. Share your gratitude at bedtime.

Take five minutes at the end of the day to ask your child what he is thankful for that day.

7. Compliment others.

Encourage your children to do the same. Share the things you appreciate about another person.

8. Create a family gratitude list.

Post it on the fridge. Add to it when necessary.

9. Always look for the positive.

Find something positive in frustrating situations and discuss it.

10. Practice turning complaints into praises.

Coach your children to reword their complaints into something that they appreciate instead.

11. Take gratitude walks.

While you walk, look for the simple pleasures of the day, such as the warm sun or the birds singing, and express appreciation for them. Use this time to ask your children what they are grateful for.

12. Work through envy.

Help your child work through any feelings of jealousy he/she may have. Envy can come when we are not feeling thankful for what we have and are focusing instead on what others have.

Gratitude is a skill. An attitude of gratitude is a positive way of looking at life. Gratitude can increase our children’s happiness, teach them to be more empathetic, and help them to be more thankful for everything they have. I’m grateful for Oakland's students, teachers, staff, and families. Have an excellent November.

See you at school,

Mr. David LaFrance

Golden Ticket Target

Our Golden Ticket Target for November is showing GRATITUDE. As we approach the holiday season now is a great time to show how THANKFUL we are for one another and the community around us. Here are some tips that you can do at home to show your gratefulness.

  • BE A ROLE MODEL - Remember our kids are always watching us. When you are at a restaurant, model the behaviors you expect by saying “Thank You” to your server. If you notice your child helping pick up around the house, thank them for being so kind.

  • SHARE THE THINGS YOU ARE GRATEFUL FOR - We don’t have to wait to be around the Thanksgiving table to express what we are grateful for. Try incorporating this activity into dinnertime or bedtime routines where you ask for one thing your child is grateful for that day. Make sure you share what you are grateful for too!

  • MORE THAN JUST WORDS - Remember we can show we are grateful for others by more than just words. Look for opportunities to volunteer in the community. Bake your neighbor cookies. Help your child write a thank you card when someone has bought them a gift or helped them in some way.

  • BE CONSISTENT - Being grateful and expressing gratitude is not a one and done activity. This is a life lesson that our children can learn from us every day. Continue to look for ways to express your gratefulness and your children will start develop the same habits.

Library News

Book Fair Information

November 7-11th

We are so excited to bring back the Fall Scholastic Book Fair! Students will shop during their LMC classes throughout the week. See the schedule below. Please send cash (in a labeled envelope or zip lock baggie) or add funds to your student’s E-Wallet account. You may shop online at https://www.scholastic.com/bf/oaklandelementaryschool17

Now is the perfect time to get some holiday shopping done early! Please be on the watch for additional information to come home at the very beginning of November, checkout our social media posts about the fair and check your email for shopping links!

Student Council News

Oakland's Student Council will sponsor our annual food drive to support the Salvation Army the week of November 14th-18th. More information will come home soon!

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Nurse's Corner

  • Our annual Free Dental Clinic is scheduled for Monday, November 7th, here at Oakland school. If you want to participate please, complete the dental form that was sent home. More copies available in the Nurse's office. This exam will count for the K, 2nd and 6th grade state of Illinois Dental exam requirement.

  • Vision Exams are due for Kindergarteners and students entering an Illinois school for the first time.

  • Vision and hearing screenings will continue through the month of November.

  • Medication Authorization form and Diet Modification form need to be completed by both parent/guardian and your doctor every year.

  • If your student has Asthma, please make sure to send your student's inhaler to school with a signed medication authorization form.

  • If your student has a food allergy make sure to complete a food allergy form and let your teacher know.

  • If you send cough drops or chapstick with your child, they will not be able to use either of these things without a signed medication authorization form.

  • Students who have a fever of 100 degrees or above, diarrhea, vomiting, rash or illness, should not attend school that day. They should be free of the illness or condition for 24 hours before returning to school.

If you have any questions please feel free to call or email me: Nurse Colleen @ 309-662-4302 or spaniolc@district87.org

Student Attendance

  • All student absences should be reported to the office by 9:30am on the day of the student's absence. The phone number for the school is (309)662-4302. State law requires schools and parents to attempt to contact each other when a child is absent. Please assist us by calling first. You can also report a student absence by sending an email to oaklandattendance@district87.org
  • For students that are tardy or leaving early, the student sign-in/sign-out slips are now located in the office- See Mrs. Immke.
  • If it is after 9:00, DO NOT let your child out of the car at side circle. Pull around to the front of the school to sign your child in.

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November Calendar

3- PTO Meeting 6:30 PM

7-11- Fall Book Fair

8- No School!

10- Family Fun Night 6-7:30 PM

15-PTO Dine to Donate- Monical's 11AM-9PM

15- Picture Re-takes

23-25- Thanksgiving Break!