Spanish Flu


The symptoms of the Spanish flu were: extreme fatigue, fever, and headaches. Some victims would start turning blue, while others would become incontinent. It would also cause muscle and joint pain, and lack of appetite.

Over 70,000 American troops were hospitalized and nearly one third of these men died from failed recovery. German militaries found it impossible to replace their sick and dying

soldiers. The virus weakened soldiers, and if the Spanish flu had not come along the war might have ended differently.

No one actually knows where the Spanish flu came from, but there is one very believable one. Just before the out break of the flu in January, 96,000 Chinese labors came to work behind the British and French lines of WW1's Western Front. That may have been the source, but the first wave of influenza appeared early in the spring of 1918 in Kansas and in militaries throughout the U.S. The influenza also affected cities and towns everywhere forcing people to wear masks to reduce the chance of catching the flu.