September 16, 2016

Need 2 Know

Vanguard GaETC Registration

Vanguard members must complete their registration for GaETC by Thursday, October 6.

Be sure to follow the directions provided to correctly register using our Vanguard code.

October 11 PD Day

Each year, the district provides professional development days for the county. Courses and trainings are offered face-to-face and virtually for all employees. As members of the Vanguard Team, you are required to participate in Vanguard PD on these days UNLESS you belong to a different district group that requires your presence.

Unfortunately it is not a teacher workday. All principals were made aware of this and provided with a table of district groups participating in trainings.

If your principal has specific questions, have him/her contact Brooke Humphrey, Learning & Teaching Dept.

The Vanguard training will be virtual, so you will be able to participate from your school locations. Specific information will be shared in an upcoming VanWeekly.

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PD Options for Non-Vanguard on October 11

Please be sure to share the following options with the teachers at your school. They are great choices for VanChise members, the folks you're coaching, or anyone interested in knowing just a bit more about one of the topics.

Getting Started with Office 365

Centennial HS


OneNote Class Notebook

Centennial HS


Getting Started with Office 365

Westlake HS


OneNote Class Notebook

Westlake HS


Intro to SAFARI Montage

Ridgeview MS

8:30-11:30 or 12:30-3:30

Registration for all courses is found in Edivate in the Instructional Technology catalog.

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EdCamp Fulton

As a member of Vanguard, you're required to attend at least two off-contract Vanguard events. On October 22, you'll get the opportunity to attend EdCamp Fulton: Powered By Vanguard.

This new and exciting event is being organized by NELC leads Megan Endicott & Andrea Rioux, and Vanguard Storyteller, Karen Artis.

It's free, fun, low-impact, and open to ALL. You don't have to be a Vanguard member to attend, so spread the word!

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Vanguard T-Shirt Design Contest

Reminder: Entries are due by Friday, September 23 @ 5:00 PM.

Here are the rules:

1. The design will be ordered from CustomInk using this shirt.( You can select the color shirt you feel works best with your design.

2. You can design it using their design tools, or design it elsewhere and upload it to their website.

3. Use NO MORE THAN four colors on the front, and if needed, one color on the back.

4. Share the link with me for the finished design on CustomInk.

5. Depending upon the number of entires, the Vanguard Leadership Team will narrow down the choices and present them to the entire team for voting.

iPad Information

Add your iPad information, please. This should be done by September 12th if you already posses an iPad from Vanguard.

Start Your Own VanChise!

Another school has shared their example of communication as they work to build their VanChise. Woodland MS Vanguard members met to determine their expectations, and are in the process of building their team! Check out their flyer!

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09/15/16 Chat - Innovative Leaders

Last night was our second chat of the year. We used another Sylvia Duckworth sketch note to guide our time discussing what it means to be an innovative leader. If you missed the chat, check out the transcript and resources.

Next week's chat will be with Andrea Rioux (@MissRioux). If you missed the live tweet up the last time, it'll be back in action next week!

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Sign-Up to Host a Chat for #fcsvanguard!

You don't need to host it alone. Partner with a friend and run the chat as a team!

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Team Member Showcase

Haven't added your info and picture to our yearbook? Do it today! CLICK HERE!

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Roving Reporter

Holcomb Bridge MS - Path & Pace - Administration

Roving Reporter - Holcomb Bridge - Path & Pace/Administration

Holcomb Bridge MS - Student Voices

Roving Reporter - Holcomb Bridge - Student Voices

Please consider signing up to showcase your work and/or your school. We would like to highlight all areas of the county, all academic levels, and all personalized learning principles. You're doing great work! Share it with others!

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For more information and to apply, visit Flipgird!

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About Us

Our mission as a Vanguard team is to build the capacity of FCS educators and leaders to provide innovative instruction which meets the needs, skills and interests of all students.