The Civil War

By: Carlee George and Erin Pitcher

Causes of the Civil War

It all started when the U.S. Constitution was written. The issues of state's rights caused a lot of conflict between the northerners and southerners. This was caused by the legal issue with slavery in New Western Territories. Some people from the slave states believed they could never make peace with the national government. In 1807, the government finally outlawed the importation of slaves from Africa.

The Election of 1860

In 1860, when it was time for the election, Abraham Lincoln from Gettysburg, Illinois was one of the important candidates for the Union and was against slavery, while candidates like John C. Breckinridge and Stephen Douglas were representing pro-slavery states from the Confederacy. Lincoln won the election with the Republicans' votes and served as president beside his trusted vice president Hannibal Hamlin (later replaced by Andrew Johnson). Although this was a victory for the Union, the Confederacy was not happy and resulted in violence.

Candidates From the Election

The Underground Railroad

In the 1820's and 1830's, abolitionists started creating and organizing a resistance. It was a system of trails running through the northernmost states to freedom called the Underground Railroad. Former slave, Harriet Tubman, helped lead slaves to a new life using this system with the help of many other early leaders like Reverend Lyman Beecher and Levi Coffin.

The Confederacy Surrenders

The Union army surrounded the Confederate forces in Virginia from June, 1864- April, 1865. At the Battle of Sailors Creek on April 6, 1865,it was becoming clear that the Army of Northern Virginia was fading. Instead of breaking out in another battle, Grant asked Lee for his surrender on April 7, 1865. Unfortunately, Lee was not ready to surrender, hoping that he could escape the growing Union. After his defeats Appomattox Station on April 8, 1865, Lee finally surrendered to Grant at Appomattox Court on April 9, 1865.
Civil War