Heath Services now made easier and cost-effective

What is PharmEasy

PharmEasy is a technology start-up in the field of pharmaceutical and diagnostics delivery market. We are taking a step to establish ourselves as a strong member of the digital healthcare delivery market.

Our mobile application on android and iOS platform allows users to avail pharmaceutical and diagnostic healthcare services comfortably and at discounted prices.

Why PharmEasy

  • We offer 20% discount on all kinds of medicines and we deliver them at your home/preferred address without any additional/hidden cost. No minimum order required
  • We offer 40% discount on diagnostic tests which can be done bed-side. The patient does not have to go anywhere, neither for conducting the test nor for collecting the test results.
  • User Friendly – Avail health services in just a few clicks within 1-2 minutes
  • Cost Effective - We try and make our services at the best possible discount rates, so that no one pays extra for basic health services.

What do we have for you?

One of the propositions we provide to each and every customer is easy and comfortable access to healthcare services, that too at a discounted rate.

For an organisation, one of the vital resources is Human Resource - the employees. We propose to associate with you to provide you, to provide your employees with means to avail cheaper and easier health services, so that they stay at the prime of their health at all points.