Endangered: Humpback Whales!!

These beautiful mammals are at the risk of extinction!!

Humpack Whales Facts and Figures

  • common name- Humpback Whale
  • scientific name- megaptera novaeangliae
  • found off the coast of North Carolina, but only when migrating in the summer
  • they are endangered because they were hunted a lot in the 1800s
  • however, the Whaling Commission banned the hunting of humpback whales forever in 1966!
  • PLEASE HELP SAVE THESE GORGEOUS WHALES!! the World Wildlife Fund has an opportunity for people to adopt a humpback whale that i think is really cool. if you want to learn more about it or learn about the organization (although i would assume that most people have heard of it), you can go to worldwildlife.org.
    (and PS: fear not, this is absolutely not an ad!! i know that for a second it sounded like one, but i just really think that its a great cause and it can help us make world better!!)

Want to hear what humpback whales sound like? Come on, you know you want to!!

Humpback Whale Song