Pop Culture

In Angola

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Hyundai I-10

It is the most popular object in my country. It has started being popular in around 2012 and almost everyone has it. People like because it is small and it can drive them everywhere and park easily.
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Belas Shopping Center - Talatona

It is the best place to entertain in my country. It is divided by many areas like movies, dance, theater, cars race, many different kinds of games, restaurants, shops and many others things that you can enjoy.
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Anselmo Ralph

This guy is the most popular person in my country. He is a singer and song writer. He has won many awards. He won MTV award in 2013.
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Kuduro is a genre of music which is the most popular in Angola.

The kuduro comes in the late '80s , first as a dance and over time evolving into a genre. Kuduro has become a musical phenomenon in all Portuguese-speaking countries as well as in other parts of the world.