Real-World Parabola Project

Maddie Humelsine & Ann Katheryn Fadal

Picture of ''New Bridge" from a distance

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Picture of "New Bridge" Up Close with Axes Drawn, Points, etc.

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Equations of Parabola: Standard From/Vertex Form

Standard Form

f(x)=4x^2 -100

Vertex Form

f(x)= -4/25x^2 + 4


^ = superscript/exponent


1. What does the height of the bridge represent?

Y coordinates (the height) represent the height of the suspension bridge at different distances from the axis of symmetry.

2. At the spot where the bridge meets the road, what is the relevance to the equation?

Where the bridge touches the road/ground are the roots and the vertex is the highest point of the bridge.

3. What is the maximum height of the bridge?

The maximum height of the bridge is the y coordinate of the vertex.

4. How far away is the bridge from the axis of symmetry when it reaches the maximum height?

When the bridge reaches it's maximum height, it is on the y axis, because the vertex is located there as well.

5. What is the domain? (X values)


6. What is the range? (Y values)



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