Week 4 - Research Tools

Tips and advice for finding information

Coordinator Guidance
Conducting research is more than just research papers. Everyday Ashford Students must conduct research to locate information within their student portal, classroom, text books and the library. Working efficiently to locate the information you need takes practice and can be overwhelming for new students. This week, talk to your mentee about all form of researching information and cover the topics below:

  • Mentors and mentees will discuss best practices for conducting research within the student portal (student information, degree progress, online forms, etc.), classroom (ask your instructor, grade book, etc.), text books (searching key terms, downloading books, etc.) and online library.
  • Mentor will share their best practices and methods for successfully develop and building research papers. (Tips and advice to avoid becoming overwhelmed)
  • Mentor will introduce and walk through the Ashford Writing Center and Library with Mentee, including live chat features and phone contact information.