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Week of October 12th - 16th

Weekly Prep - PERIOD 2

I will continue the practice of rotating my preps on a weekly basis. The reason I do this is so that I don’t impact one class each week. The impact to your time in the MRC will only be every 6th week. During my prep time the MRC will be open for all regularly scheduled classes but closed for individual students (without teacher supervision) to come down and exchange books.


Students may come to the MRC and exchange or take out books throughout the day as long as they have an MRC pass (except during my prep). Remind the students if they come to the MRC and the lights are off then they will not be able to check out books.

Please let me know if you haven't received your passes yet!


NEW - The Canadian Reader (Gr. 3 and Up) - ISSUE 2

Found in the Northern Lights 2015-2015 Canadian Reader


In this issue:

  • Bagging a Grizzly
  • The Plight of Refugees
  • Building a Space Elevator
  • Map: British Columbia
  • Comic: Voting in Canada

NEW - What in the World? Level 1 (Gr. 5 and Up) and Level 2 (Gr.7 and Up) - ISSUE 2

Found in the Northern Lights 2015-2015 What in the World?


In this issue:

  • Europe’s Refugee Crisis
  • Civil War in Syria
  • Canada and Refugees
  • About Refugees

NEW Social Studies books to support the NEW Social Studies Curriculum

We have purchased resources to support the NEW Social Studies Curriculum. In order to locate them easily on the shelves I have placed a red sticker on the spine that indicates an approximate grade (some can be used for more than one grade). See picture below.....
Big image

TUMBLEBOOK LIBRARIES - Don't forget about these subscriptions!