Prenatal Developement

By: Hailah Gregg

Germinal Stage

  • Lasts 0-2 weeks
  • Conception happens
  • Cells are dividing
  • Egg is implanting into uterus
  • Amnion, placenta, and umbilical cord are forming

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Embryonic Stage

  • Lasts 2-9 weeks
  • Internal organs are forming
  • At 5 weeks the heart starts beating
  • Vertebrate and spinal column are forming
  • Limb buds are appearing
  • Eyes and ears are forming
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Fetal Stage

Lasts 9 weeks - birth

Limbs, hands, feet, fingers, and toes are forming

Facial features are forming

Lanugo is growing (fine layer of peach fuzz)

Eyebrows and eyelashes are growing

Vernix starts to cover the baby (waxy coating)

Growing rapidly during the end of pregnancy

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What To Do

Eat healthy


Avoid smoking

Avoid alcohol

Avoid rollercoasters

What To Expect

Missed menstrual period

Weight gain


Morning sickness

Breasts swell

Enlarging uterus places pressure on the bladder causing frequent urination

The Prenatal Development