Don't let it consume you

Types and Benifits of Stress

Stressors can be internal (your own thoughts) or external (from your environment). Stress is not all bad, it can have some good benefits. Stress in a healthy person can promote health and prevent illness. A small amount of stress will keep you safe and motivated. When your body has too much stress, it fights to regulate your body systems, this can cause physical and mental consequences.

Signs and Symptoms of bad Stress can include but not limited to:

  • High Blood Pressure // Increase Risk of Disease
  • Sweating // Depression
  • Weight Gain // Poor Immune System
  • Negative Self Esteem// Impaired Memory

Stress Prevention

Primary Prevention: Health Promotion, Regular Relaxation, Positive Self-talk, Education

Secondary Prevention: Early Diagnosis and Treatment, Exercise programs, Counseling

Tertiary Prevention: Restoration and Rehabilitation focused on stress management

Defence Mechanisms/ Stress Managment

Your body has many ways to defend its self from stress. You may go through denial of the issues, blame your problems on other things or people, or you may have a reaction that is the opposite of what someone might ordinarily be expected to do. Stress management is the key to fight stress away!
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