Psychology - deffinition of success

By: Julia Strumska


I grew up in the small country in Europe. I was in the small town, always around people that seemed so desperate, mad and depressed. People were always struggling with their problems and most of the time they did not know how to solve them. I always wanted to help people, and bring smile on their tired faces just for a while. I think that might be the reason why I want to become a psychologist, I love helping others, with their problems. That's what Psychology is all about- helping people with their mental social and behavioral problems, because there is never a problem without the resolution, there is so many ways to solve it, but some people just do not know that, that's why I want to help them.
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Career Research

Daily tasks and responsibilities

-observing and studying somebody's behavior

-gathering informations throughout conversation

-finding ways to help the person

-develop programs to improve schools

-develop treatment plans

-identify and diagnose some disorders

Work environment

The work environment for psychology depends on what kind of psychology do you practice or where do you work. Sometimes you might work in school around teenagers or yound adoults or kindergarten kids, however sometimes you can open up your own practice and work all by yourself. Some psychologist might also work around people from military and help them and make their job a little bit easier.

Education and Training

It is is not easy to become a psychologist. It takes a lot of hard work and time to learn and practice psychology. Few years of college and then practice and gain more experience.

Preferred Job Skills

Listening- it is very important that you can understand and listen to the patient, because without that the cooperation is going to be pointless.

Speaking- you need to know how to talk to people that have problems

Making decisions and solving problems- help others by telling them what they should do in order to solve their problem or accomplish their goal.

Establishing and maintaining interpersonal relationships - knowing how to get along with people well.

Job Outlook

Grows 12% (which is average)


$65,000 and it increases as you gain more experience. (the video below will tell you more about the salary)

Careers in Psychology : Average Income of Psychologists

High School

While thinking seriously about becoming a psychologist in the future, you need to make sure that you will propare yourself for college while you are still in high school. In my high school there is so many courses and activities that I can take advantage of, and use it in my future.


- Anatomy & PSychology

- Biology

- Child Development

Extra clubs and activities:

-peer mediation

-peer leaders


While getting ready for college you can still work or volunteer to get some more experience in field of psychology. You can become a hotline worker or volunteer in preschool. those are some ways that you can propare yourself for this career.

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  1. Ms. Dembkowski- teaches psychology at Leyden. Also Mrs. Casey teaches Biology at Leyden.

  2. My mom is a teacher, but she was also studying psychology so I can always talk to her.
  3. Dr Megan Pitrucha - she is profetionalist in this field

My Post Secondary Plan

Plan for collage career:

-first I would like to get into good university with rotc program

-I palnning on getting my Bachlor's and Master's degree in six years

- later earning PHD or PsyD which takes up to 4 years

-after that going into the military for 2-4 years

Becoming a psychologist is a responsible work and getting a Bachelor's or Master's degreeis neccesaary to get a job in this field.

Here are some colleges that I am intrested in:

- Easter Illinois University

- Michigan State University

- Indiana University

" The harder you try and you believe in what you are doing sooner or later your dreams will come true and goals will be accomplished."

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I have learned so many through out career research, one of them is gathering informations about career and filed that you are intrested in is the most important one. Talking to other people and researching was not only a lot of fun but it was also very beneficial. Right now I am almost sure that I want to begin studying and finding a job in this field.