My Digital Footprint

By; Jennifer Gonzalez

What is a Digital Footprint and why is it important?

A Digital Footprint is something that consists of everything you post in social media. Your Digital Footprint can be something really good or it may also be bad. In social media you should only post things you know you would not regret because it can have a major effect in your life. If you have a positive Digital Footprint it may even be easier to get into a job that you really want, if your Digital Footprint is bad then it will be harder for you to get into a good job that you would like to have a position in.

What does my Digital Footprint consist of?

I use Twitter, Facebook, and Blogger. Posting positive things will always be a good thing because you will give yourself a good reputation.
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It is important that you post positive things like something that is going on in your school so everyone can see and get involved if they are interested. What this is saying about me is that I like to keep people inform to a positive reason.
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In my Blogger page I post things of which I was doing with my group for our 20% project. This shows that I am interested in participating in doing stuff like reading and activities with children. This shows something positive about me because I get involved in doing something good.

What impact does your Digital Footprint have on your future?

My digital Footprint has a positive effect to my future because I post appropriate things in social media. This means that if I go for a job interview and they look for my Digital Footprint they would not find anything that can be harmful.

What can be harmful to your Digital Footprint?

If you post negative things online it is known that you would have negative effects in your future. In social media everything will stay there forever so you need to know what is good and what is bad to post online. This can have negative effects with in your future one example is being able to have a good job.

What can you do to improve your identity?

To improve your identity you have to make sure you post things that would impact the world in a positive way, Which means posting things about helping the environment, people around you, etc.

Most important thing I've learned this semester about maintaining a positive Digital Footprint?

The most important thing I have learned this semester about having a positive Digital Footprint is that you should just keep positive things in your social media because you would like to have good things in life and having a negative Digital Footprint is something you would not like to have int eh future. If you have a clean/ positive Digital Footprint then you are able to have a better quality job which you would make more money and it would be something good for you.