Come back to the Thirty-One Family

I see a new, amazing season ahead of Thirty-One Gifts!

Reaching back into our family tree!

If you have thought about coming back to our Thirty-One Family. Here are some important steps:

  1. Reach out to your original sponsor and see if she is active. (the lovely lady who first help you sign up)
  2. Once you have established who your sponsor is, reach out to her and let her know you are ready for a new start.
  3. If your original sponsor is not available, then find your original Director, either Gina Mortimer or Tammy Pulsifer and we will confirm which team you can sign back up under!
  4. Let us start you on a plan that will insure you have the best new start possible!

Bring a friend with you

And don't forget, the minute you join us, you can add friends and start building a team. Still the great $100 bonus if during your first 120 days your recruit and help you new recruit quality with at least $1k in sales! That's $100 for EVERY person YOU recuit!

Your Sr Director and Founding Consultant

Here to help. Either call Tammy or Gina or reach out to us on Facebook. We are here to help