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Weeks of November 30th to December 18th

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Writing and Your English Language Learner

If you have not had a writing professional learning facilitated by LISD's Koby Stringer, you will want to look for one. Mr. Stringer is the grade 3-5 Language Arts & Social Studies administrator.

His workshops are fast-paced and lively. You will leave with tools and techniques you can use right away.

The Speaking & Writing Connection

TELPAS writing will be here very soon after the holiday breaks.

There are two things you can do to ensure your ELL student is making progress. Provide speaking opportunities for your English Language Learner in every content area, every day and establish speaking in complete sentences as a classroom norm.

Beginning and intermediate level ELLs will sometimes use the safety of the group to refrain from contributing to conversation. Every missed opportunity to practice a word, a phrase, or a sentence delays their language development and fluency.

It is completely acceptable to provide a sentence starter. For the beginning and very shy intermediate student, it is acceptable to have them repeat something another student has said.

Establishing a classroom norm of speaking in complete sentences will benefit all your students. When we allow students to respond in fragments, usually with the subject of the sentence omitted, we are reinforcing telegraphic speech.

Student writing reflects the sophistication of their oral language. Students who do not elaborate when they speak will probably not elaborate in written work. Anchor charts and word walls aside, the habit of minimal dialogue results in minimal writing.

I am happy to work with small groups of students in writing during the next three weeks and also happy to help model establishing a complete sentence classroom.

Let's get started!

Schedule & Availability

Monday Nov 30 - Coaching Day 1 at the Bolin Center, not on campus

Tuesday Dec 1 - Coaching Day 2 at the Bolin Center, not on campus

Wednesday Dec 2 - Forest Vista

Thursday Dec 3 - Flower Mound

Friday Dec 4 - Forest Vista

Monday Dec 7 - Flower Mound

Tuesday Dec 8 - Forest Vista

Wednesday Dec 9 - Forest Vista

Thursday Dec 10 - Coaching Day 3 at the Bolin Center, not on campus

Friday Dec 11- Coaching Day 4 at the Bolin Center, not on campus

Monday Dec 14 - Flower Mound morning only

Language Acquisition Department meeting at CCE afternoon

Tuesday Dec 15 - Forest Vista

Wednesday Dec 16 - Forest Vista

Thursday Dec 17 - Flower Mound

Friday Dec 18 - Forest Vista

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