Tech Minute

A Newsletter for All Things Technology in Education


Good Morning, everyone. My name is Frank Lopes and I am the Technology Specialist for the district. What the heck is that you might ask ? My job is to provide assistance with your classroom technology needs. No, I can't help you if your computer goes down. But if you're looking for a way to integrate technology into your lesson plans, or need some assistance with the tools of our trade (Edline, Teachers Plus, Microsoft Office, and a host of other online web 2.0 tools), I'd be happy to help.

As the new year is starting to kick in, I thought I'd take the time to send out this little blurb about myself and share with you all some of things I may be able to offer you. I hope that you find some of these useful, and I always look forward to your feedback! I'd also love to know what you are already doing with the technology in the classroom. Nothing is more invaluable than sharing our successes with others!

Tech Tool of the Day

Zaption is a presentation tool that allows teachers to chose from an existing gallery of ready-to-use, high quality video lessons. Zaption also allows teachers the ability to create and customize their own lessons. Users can add images, text, and questions of their own and share them via a web link or embeddable video. Zaption also provides its users the ability to track student work and collect data on these results.