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Avoca School District 37

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  • Summary of Feedback on a Budget Framework (video)
  • Please complete our survey about Student Services
  • Avoca in the News - Intercultural Dinner
  • Board Review / Preview

Video of Finances & Budget Presentation

Avoca School District 37- State of the District Forum

Summary: Budget Framework Feedback

The video above is from one of the presentations on the current financial state of the district, which was followed by a facilitated session seeking feedback on budget priorities. That group work cannot be replicated here, but if you have any comments or questions, you should email me at

After nine such presentations to staff and parents and community, at the Board meeting tonight I will present the summary of feedback from stakeholders. You may click here to see the memo summarizing that feedback.

Please note - this memo is only a summary.

Next, the Board of Education will ask questions and provide feedback. Then, I will come to the Board on December 19 with a preliminary framework for making budget decisions. That framework will guide the administration as it builds the budget for next fiscal year. Addressing the District's difficult financial situation is both a strategic goal and one my goal's as superintendent. I appreciate the collaboration necessary to make achieve this goal.

Request: Student Services Survey

An email went to parents and staff earlier this week seeking feedback about the continuum of services we provide students to help them be successful. We are conducting a wholesale evaluation of our services and need your insights.

Please click here or on the picture to take this important survey.

Avoca in the News - Intercultural Dinner

Please click here to see an amazing write-up by Hilary Anderson in The Wilmette Beacon about our November 15 Intercultural Dinner & Talent Show, the best attended ever. As a new member of the Avoca community, I was humbled and honored to not only witness, but to support our diversity, a pillar of our strength. Thanks to the whole committee of folks who pitched in to make this a one-of-a-kind North Shore event.

Board Meeting Review & Preview

November 14 - Click here
  • Continuum of Services Presentation
  • Transportation Survey (DRAFT) - Discussion
  • Board Governance Documents - Action
  • Tax Levy Resolution - Action
  • Pre-School Tuition - Action

December 5 - Click here

  • Communications Report
  • IASB Delegate Assembly Report
  • 2020-21 Calendar - Discussion