Jimmy johns

jimmy john problems

1.)if I went to Jj and got a sandwich called the pepe and a bag of chips anther sandwich called billy club. So I added it up The cost and got 10.29 and 1470 calories .p.s I had 20.00 I now have 9.51 left.

2.) if went to Jj and wanted the healthiest meal and need a cookie and a soda a bag of chips any sandwich . I got a regular coke and a big John I got 1280 and it was $8.13.

3.) if me and friends went to Jj and we got what we wanted from 1.) and had $50.00 and the the adding looked like this 10.29+9.38+4.75+4.64+7.14 and I got 36.20 and we got 13.80 back.

4.) I compared subway and cousins for cost and health . For subway I got grain wheat bread, bacon , natural cheddar cheese, avocado, and chipotle south west sauce so that was 480 calories 40 fat and the cost is 4.52. For cousins I got roast beef & cheddar sub sandwich and got 710 calories and 54 fat and 4.69. So subway wins for both health and cost.

P.s for 4.) I had to Guess for the cost.