The Watsons go to Birmingham- 1963

Christopher Paul Curtis

Lexile: 1000 Reading Counts Points: 12

Kenny Watson

Kenny is a young black boy living in Flint, Michigan along with his parents, his big brother, Byron, and his younger sister, Joetta. Kenny is often teased by his brother and his brother's best friend, Buphead. He is very gulible and often falls for Byron's tricks and believes his lies.

Quote from book

"I could have done a lot of stuff to him. If it had been me with my lips stuck on something like this he'd have tortured me for a couple days before he got help. Not me, though, I nearly broke my neck trying to get into the house to rescue Byron." -Page #13

Character Pillar:

Kenny shows the character pillar of compassion. He cares for both his brother and sister, and he tries his hardest to help them in any way, even though he knows that they may not help him back. Kenny's brother is very mean to him, constantly tricking and teasing him, but Kenny constantly shows him compassion.

By: Kylie Johnson

Hour: 4

October 2015