Adoration of Jenna Fox Project

By Arnav S.

Comparing the Book to My Society to Our Societies

The Adoration of Jenna Fox is a book, much of it about medical practices. In the book, for most of the time, society doesn't approve of using life-saving technology, like making artificial people BioGel, but their society approves of "the point system", a system where you have 100 points, and if you need an body part because you lost it, then it woud cost a certain amount of points- "a heart- that's 35 points alone." I agree with their decision on the point system, because that way everyone is equal and it doesn't make them immortal. I also agree with their desision to make artificial people illegal, otherwise people, like terrorists, could use that technology and become immortal and cause terror for a very long time, which all of our country and society doesn't want. I believe that their society made the right decision but there are a couple of things I would change instead. I would make artificial people legal, BUT I would make them live only the average amount of years (which right now is 69 years), so that way they don't live forever. I would also use the point system so that way people can't be replaced over and over and over, so that way they only live to the average age, not a very long time. A thing I would add to my society is that the person would have to approve of being artificial and the person who makes the decision would have to be responsible and if they made the decision, they would NOT be allowed to be made into an artificial person. And in my society, the government would make the final decision if the person could be saved. If they were saved without the government's permission, it would be illegal and everyone involved would be arrested. Also, people would have to be younger than the average age, otherwise they could live longer than the average person, which is unfair to people. I think that those would make good restrictions to my society. In our societies today, we are making better things to make us live longer, and its not going to stop. Soon, the average age could be 80, then 100, then 120, and so on. Our technology is getting better and better, and its improving our medical supplies, which is making us live MUCH longer than before. And the scary thing is, its not going to stop. Ever.
The Skin Gun

Bioethics is basically moral principles that apply to medical and biological research.


Bioethics, like I explained above, is basically moral principles that apply to medical and biological research. That means that you do what is right in biological and medical research and activities. Not all in law terms either, you can also do what is what a human thinks is right, not just a law. But laws can alos apply.

How would my society define "legally human"?

My society would define a "legal human" as someone who does not exceed the point limit, has a clean record, and isn't 100% artificial. If they had transplants, then they would have government approval, they would be OK with that decision, and the person who makes the decision for them is responsible and fully legal as well. In Jenna's society, someone "legally human" is someone who isn't made of BioGel, hasn't broken any laws, and hasn't used more points than the point system allows-"are pretty much illegal". In our societies today, "legally human" is someone who hasn't broken the law, hasn't taken illegal drugs or performance enhancing drugs to improve their health, and isn't using health care they can't afford.

How would your society regulate the laws concerning bioethics?

My society would have several laws. They would be you have to stay below a hundred points, you can't be 100% artificial, if you get a transplant or something of that nature you, another person, and the government have to approve of that decision, if you had a transplant then you can live only until the average age, and if you are older than the average age then you can't be transplanted fully. I would enforce these laws with a profile for everyone stating if they had been transplanted and if so, how many points was it. Also, I would have monthly checkups on every person and company to make sure they aren't illegal AND I would have police around to do random checks on everyone to make sure they aren't illegal. In Jenna's society, the FSEB regulates the laws and does checks on hospitals and companies to make sure they aren't illegal. If they are illegal, then they shut down the whole thing.-"they shut you down. Whole hospitals." Also, if someone knows someone illegal, they are expected to tell the FSEB. In our societies today, if someone is doing something illegal concerning bioethics, they are expected to tell an official. Also, it is illegal for anyone to be not trying their best on a patient. Government also does checks on certain companies and hospitals to make sure they are doing everything right and not doing anything illegal.

What would the consequences be if someone broke these laws?

In my society, I think it depends on what they do. If they have used more points than they should have, then they would go to jail. If they are fully artificial, then you would take out the artificial parts, and then put them in jail. If they didn't get permission from government to get a transplant and they got one- jail. If they didn't approve of having transplants then the person who forced them to have those transplants would go to jail. If anyone helped the person get illegal transplants then everyone involved would go to jail for a certain amount of years, depending on the role they played. If someone got an illegal transplant in any way, they would have every artificial part out of their body, and then they would go to jail. If someone knows that someone is illegal, then they would be fined money and would not be allowed to get a transplant. In our societies today, most consequences are fines, jail, loss of property, or stripping of jobs or certain rights. In The Adoration of Janna Fox, consequences aren't really revealed, but I read through the book again and some include jail, fines, shutting down your business, hospital, or company, doing experiments on you, and in some extreme cases one consequence could be death.- "they shut you down. Whole hospitals."