Persuasive Techniques

By Emily Freeman


Red Cross Give Life Commercial

The commercial's message is to stop with the excuses as to why you cannot donate blood, and give life by giving blood. In the beginning, you see people holding up signs with the excuses of why they can't or don't need to donate blood. However someone then holds up a sign saying "stop giving excuses, start giving life." Then, everyone else rips up their sign which symbolizes that there's been enough excuses. The persuasive technique is bandwagon because multiple people start giving blood, and it makes you want to do what their doing. The target audience is anyone who is eligible to donate blood. We know this because there are multiple people from different races and different occupations that join together and give blood. The intended effect of this commercial is to convince people to donate blood by making them feel left out if they don't donate. This ad is effective because it makes you feel like not as good of a person as the other people if you don't donate, so you should do what they're doing.


Very Funny Pepsi Commercial
This commercial's message is to drink Pepsi. You see a little boy grow up being raised by monks and when he comes of age, every monk including himself is drinking Pepsi. Humor is the main persuasive technique being used. We know this because in the end, he smashes his forward on the Pepsi can and is left with the same mark as all of the other monks. They all cheer and it makes you chuckle. The target audience is anyone who can drink Pepsi; adults more than likely. This ad's intended effect is to leave the consumer with positive thoughts and associate good feelings with the product. The ad wasn't effective for me, I really didn't find it that funny. However someone else might.


Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Official Commercial [1080P]
The Lamborghini commercial's message is to buy a one because the car can get through anything. It shows the car going through various obstacles that another car would probably not be able to get through. This means the technique is individuality. If you believe in yourself and this car, you can make it through these obstacles. The target audience would be wealthy people more than likely, because Lamborghinis are extremely expensive sports cars. Using the individuality technique, this ad's intended effect would be to make the buyer feel secure with his or her decision to buy a Lamborghini. This ad was effective. It's very intense and action filled, grabbing the audiences attention and making them crave that car.

Name calling

Screaming Goat Sprint Commercial
The Sprint commercial's message is to switch to Sprint because it shows how they have better deals and better prices. It shows how their company is better than the other companies using name calling. Although there is no direct name calling, their commercial depicts Verizon and AT&T as goats, which is similar to name calling. Everyone knows goats can't talk and they have an annoying laugh. This is an insult to the other companies. The target audience would be families who are looking for a family phone plan or families who want a cheaper phone plan. They say how much cheaper their phone plan is and how you can have up to 10 lines. The intended effect is to make the consumer dislike the other phone lines. This ad is effective because it uses humor, and the name calling is used in a funny way. They also make their product seem better.

Plain Folk

TV Commercial - Walmart - The Most Out Of Summer - Save Money Live Better
This commercial for WalMart wants to give the message to people that anyone can use their products and have fun. It shows families out in the summer having fun in water slides and relaxing in lawn chairs in the sun. The technique for this would be plain folks, because you can see everyday people using their products. They make them see easy to use and children are having fun. The target audience for this particular commercial would be parents and spouses, because the main message in the commercial is that this is a good family store and you can get anything you need for your household. The intended effect would be making their products seem simple and easy to use, but also being good products. This ad was effective because it makes it seem like anyone can use their products and have fun.

Product Comparison

Surface Pro 3 – Head to Head
The Surface Pro 3 gives the message that their product has a lot of really cool capabilities that everyone wants and needs. It shows all of the cool things it can do. The technique is product comparison because it compares the Surface Pro 3 to a regular MacBook side by side and shows what the Surface Pro 3 can do that the MacBook Pro cannot do. It will show the Surface Pro doing something, and then it will show the MacBook not being able to do that function. The target audience for this product would be any computer users, or people who want a fast little portable computer. The intended effect would be to show how this product is better than a main competitor. Yes, this ad was effective because it shows them side by side and you can see for your own eyes how the product is better.

Purr Words

Audrey Hepburn In A New Dove Chocolate Commercial

The message of this commercial is to convince you to buy Dove chocolate. It shows Audrey Hepburn eating Dove chocolate, and uses a soothing music. The technique is purr words. Although there are no speaking roles, at the very end there is a text that says "Why have cotton when you can have silk?" These are purr words. A target audience would probably be women, because many women enjoy chocolate and love the majestic ways of Audrey Hepburn. The intended effect is to leave the audience with good emotions and make their product seem appealing. Yes, this ad is effective. It does a good job making the product seem appealing.


Ugly Sweater Party - Bank of America Cash Rewards TV Commercial
The message in this commercial is that Bank of America gives out good rewards and that the consumer should switch to or get a Bank of America credit card. It tells about all the good things that come when you become a member of their bank. This technique would be rewards. We know this because it constantly reminds us that we will get money back, and at the end says we can have enough money to throw a sweater party, like the people in the commercial. The target audience would be adults, because only adults can have credit cards. The intended effect is to make the consumer want the reward as much as the product. Yes, this ad is effective because it tells you that you will get more money back, which is what everyone wants.


March Mayhem Grill Commercial | Allstate Mayhem
The message of this Allstate commercial is to make the consumer fear something bad will happen and that they should get this insurance. A car blows up in a parking lot because someone's friend forgot to let the grill cool down all the way before they put it back in to the car. The technique is fear, because the commercial shows something that anyone would be afraid of. The target audience would be car owners. Anyone who owns a car needs to have insurance, and anyone who owns a car would not want their car to blow up and have to pay for it out of pocket. The intended effect is to make the audience feel fearful and go to this product for a sense of security. Yes, this ad is effective because it does put fear into you, but it's also funny.


15 Minutes Could Save You 15 Percent Or More Everybody Knows That - Geico Commercial
This ad for Gieco insurance has the message to buy Geico insurance. It shows a series of different commercials all in one that convinces you to buy their insurance. The technique is slogan because it repeatedly says "15 minutes can save you 15% on car insurance." It's catchy and makes you remember. In a later one it says "15 minutes can save you... Well you know the rest." No doubt it's a slogan. The targeted audience is car owners, because car owners need car insurance. The intended effect is to keep the product in the mind of the customer. This commercial does do a good job. It makes you remember by repeating it over and over.


Nikon Commercial with Ashton Kutcher, Diddy, Baron Jay
The message in this Nikon commercial is to buy a Nikon camera. It uses celebrities to promote their product which is why this technique is testimonial or celebrity endorsement. Ashton Kutcher and P Diddy both appear in this ad. This appeals to customers because it makes the product seem glamorous. The target audience might be photographers or anyone who wants a nice camera. The intended effect is to impress the audience with the fact that a famous person is associated with or chooses their product. This ad does a good job with that, making it an effective ad.


My Bold Dad | Presented by The Bold New Camry | Toyota
This Toyota ad has the message to buy a Toyota. It puts emotion into you and makes you feel things that you can relate to; in this case being a dad. The technique used in this is transfer, or emotional appeal. It shows a dad as his daughter grows up and eventually goes off to the army. It triggers emotions that any parent can relate to. Watching your child grow up is emotional. The target audience for this ad is for parents more than likely, who can relate to the emotions in this commercial. The intended effect is make the consumer associate strong feelings or emotions with the product, which this ad does a good job doing. This ad is effective, however it might be more effective if it showed what the car can do.