The Basics Evil Project

Jalen Howard Xavier Sutton


What it means to be evil is to be cruel and cold hearted. Also to be evil you can always be mean. In 'what a thought' Mrs. Marget was evil in her own way because she always had thoughts on killing her husband. The next story that relates to evil is 'The lottery" the way evil is connected to this story is that all the people in town agreed to throw rocks at tessie until she died. The last story that has evil in it is 'The possibility of evil' and Mrs.Strangworth was evil because she was writing letters to familys in the town she lived in telling them false information causing familys to argue and even breaking friendships up.

Bat strikes kid

This is opposite of evil because A player who was warming up accidentally hit him in the chest with a bat. Kevin’s heart stopped beating. then Penny brown ran over and started CPR on him then he came back to life. This is the opposite of evil because someone who is evil would have just sat there and watch the poor kid die on the baseball field.