Aulavik National Park of Canada

Nunavut 12,000 km²

Important Features Of The Park

The Aulavik National park is located in the arctic lowlands, on the north end of Banks Island. The park has many landscapes to view such as fertile river valleys, polar deserts, buttes and badlands and many more. The Thomsen river runs trough the heart of the park and gives you a chance to paddle through one of the continents most northerly navigable waterways. The park is also home to the endangered peary caribou and the highest density of muskoxen in the world. Also the park's land and wildlife has supported aboriginals for more than 3,400 years!

Projected Climate Change

Impact of Climate Change on National Park

Predicted Change #1
Ice melting may cause sea levels to rise which may result in flood forcing some of the aboriginal people to move elsewhere.
Predicted Change #2
Warm temperatures may cause disturbance to caribous and and muskoxen since they are used to cold climate.
Predicted Change #3
Also Ice melting may also have less people coming to the park due to the fact that it may not be as attractive as it was with the frozen glaciers.