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Friday, September 6th

It's no surprise that...

Happy Friday!

Your child has most likely heard me say the following to them before a field trip, guest speaker presentation, or when they are in the community.

Remember that you represent yourself, your family, and this school.

I say this for three reasons.

1. I believe your children are our greatest ambassadors. Through them, others see what makes Lincoln a great place to learn. This is why I want them to give their best effort and be their best self in all that they do. CSA Lincoln is a direct reflection of them.

2. I want them to feel a sense of belonging to something bigger than themselves. Being a Husky comes with expectations. It also comes with promises. Through this relationship, students develop empathy and will build confidence in their abilities and gifts as they learn how it positively impacts their team.

3. I want them to be proud of who they are. I want them to learn what it means to take ownership of their actions and come to understand that they determine their future. Yes, we (parents, family, teachers, staff) will play an integral part in guiding them through this process, but ultimately, they are the decision-maker. They are each extraordinary. We need to foster this growth.

That all being said, it's no surprise that our students represented themselves, your family, and this school by giving their best effort on the ILEARN test and performed exceptionally well. So much so, that CSA Lincoln finished in the top 20 of elementary schools in Indiana! This is the first time for us to achieve this, and it is a big deal.

At this morning's 3rd-6th Grade Town Hall Meeting we celebrated. I asked the students to turn to each other and tell their peers that they were proud of them. This was a team effort, and I assured them that every single one of them played a role in this achievement. The only label they wear is "Awesome." We also took time to celebrate our teachers and staff members in the room. I also encouraged them to give high-fives today to any staff member as they all go above and beyond to set them up for success.

I need you to know that I am incredibly proud of our team. That team includes you, your child, our many volunteers, our staff members, teachers, and anyone who is associated with the CSA Lincoln Community. I believe what you choose to celebrate will become important and repeated. I shared with our third-grade students that they are now part of this. It is their turn to rise to the occasion, and we know they will.

I asked Carter, a student, what our motto was. He responded with, "Work hard; play hard." That's absolutely correct. They work hard, and we are going to have some fun. A dodgeball tournament is in the works for grades 3rd-6th, but that is just one of many ways we are going to celebrate.

It only seemed fitting that we ended this morning by singing the school fight song. Thankfully, one of our teachers captured the moment. I wish you could have seen how excited they were. It is an incredible feeling to watch those you spend so much time with, rise to the occasion, and reach their potential. The students are excited and committed to doing their best. What more could you ask for?

Go red, black, and white!

  • Serve-a-Thon Information is headed home today. This is the one fundraiser we do as a school, and we appreciate your support. We spend around $6,000 a year to support your child in a variety of ways (field trip costs, buses for field trips, t-shirts, library books, special events, Donner pool rental, etc.). All students participated in volunteer work to support Exhibit Columbus with the installation outside the Cleo Rogers Memorial Library. We encourage students to find ways to ''earn' donations and would love for you to share photos or stories about their experiences with us.
  • CSA Lincoln won the BCSC Elementary Attendance Challenge for August! Our student attendance was 98.37%, which is the highest percentage we have had in the past five years! Thank you for making sure your child is here every day. We could not achieve this without your support.
  • It was a beautiful day to host our special guests for A 'Grand' Reading Event! We handed out 263 visitor tags! We did my best to capture as many photos as possible. Next year, we will split up this duty in an effort to get everyone. Thank you for making this event wonderful!
  • I have loved seeing how engaged our students are in this year's CSA Reading Challenge! Last year, almost a third of our student body achieved a Home Run in the reading challenge and traveled to an Indianapolis Indian's Baseball Game. We hope to have the same level of students participate (if not more). Sending students to this game was made possible by the generous donations of our families in the Serve-a-Thon fundraiser. This is an excellent example of how we utilize these funds to support your children.

Have a great weekend,


Celebrate Success

Important Upcoming Dates and Notes

Please mark these dates on your calendar!

  • 9/6 Serve-a-Thon Kick-off
  • 9/11 - 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony (5th/6th Grade)
  • 9/20 Serve-a-Thon Ends (School Fundraiser)
  • Cheer Tryouts will be 9/10 and 9/12 after school until 4:30 p.m. Students interested in participating in tryouts must have a physical on file by 9/10. Contact Miss Moore if you have any questions.
  • Basketball Tryouts will be the week of October 14th. Details regarding tryout times for both boys and girls is TBA. All students must have a physical on file to participate.

Staff Spotlight- Miss Daily

Miss Madeline Daily is student-teaching with Mrs. Roberts in second-grade. She is from Franklin, Indiana. I have known Madeline for a long time as I am also from Franklin and used to be the swim coach of the high school and club teams. She is a former athlete of mine.

She is doing an excellent job and is learning a ton from a master teacher!

CSA Reading Challenge

Welcome to an exciting new Reading Challenge for CSA Lincoln students. In this challenge, we will travel the world, making stops at each continent. At each stop, students can choose books they are interested in while exploring various genres for grades 3-6 and the author’s last name or title for K-2. There will be weekly drawings for participants and prizes for continental completions.

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Husky Gram Winners

These students were recognized this week for upholding the school expectations of Safe, Respectful, Responsible, and Peacemakers!

Maddox Lewis

Emerson Barrett

Owen Herron

Creasyn Manning

Wyatt Harber

Rocklyn Manuel

Stella Streeval

Ciara Bragg

Jailey Schoonover

Tyler Butcher

Gabrielle Ghuman

Avika Veldandi

Braden Brooks

Landon Jeffers

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