Push-Pull migration factors

By: Seth Holst

Religious persecution

Country- Laos.

In the country Laos the religion Christianity is declared Illegal by the government. Christians there have to hide their religion or risk being put to death! Those who follow the religion meet in secret or attempt to escape the country entirely.

They are most likely leaving and immigrating to Thailand right next to the country and then farther perhaps to source or the U.S.


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Ethnic persecution

Country- Burma

Despite having released many of their holds on the government the country still has many terrible things occurring within. Persecution towards Muslims is the worse. They kill them, imprision them and do other such things in racism.

They most likely flee to Bangladesh, India, or Thailand.


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Environmental factor

Country- Japan.

The country japan is a small string of islands lining Asia. They have lots of tech and other such things but one inviormental factor has become a major problem. Space. Being an island nation they quickly use up what limited space they already have.

They most likely move to the U.S. , nearby in Asia or Europe.


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Economic motives

Country- Mexico

Mexico has long since had hundreds of illegal immigrants moving from their home country to theirs. The main reason is jobs. In their country they have a very poor economy that forces them to move and a ramble for jobs where they can get them.

Illegally migrating into the U.S.


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Political factors

County- Syria.

The country Syria has long sense been a dictatorship. That is up until recently. The country had a huge transaction to a very unstable state with civil wars and political instability.

Anywhere they can possibly get to.


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Forced migration

In the country Iran many people are being forced out by a war. A war between the U.S. and Taliban.

They move out of the Iran and into other countries within the Middle East.


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