Genocide Acrostic Poem

By Joshua McBrayer Pre-AP Geography 4th Period

Acrostic Poem



No mercy,

Over the top,

Can be grotesque,


Destruction of an entire race,

Extremely harmful.

Adolf Hitler Genocide

I put in a picture of Adolf Hitler to illustrate a historical figure who committed genocide against an entire race, in this case Hitler because he committed genocide against the Jews.


This picture purely represents the devastation that occurs in genocide...

End Genocide

This image was inserted here to let you know that people are trying to help end genocide and its horror. It is also here to let you know that April is genocide prevention month...

Weapons of Destruction

This picture of a firearm is to depict a weapon that is used in the act of genocide...

The Future With Genocide

This image was placed here to demonstrate what could happen if genocide was carried out and never stopped. This has happened many times in history, most notably when Hitler committed genocide against the Jews and governments everywhere were concerned at the time that he might be unstoppable...

United Nations

This image was placed here to tell the reader of the United Nations, who have been putting an end to genocide since 1945. They are a symbol of hope and are what is between genocide and the innocents, protecting those who are innocent.