Genetic Engineering

By: Dakota Crump


Genetic engineering refers to a set of technologies that are being used to change the genetic makeup of cells and move genes across species boundaries to produce novel organisms. The techniques involve high complex manipulations of genetic material and other biologically important chemicals. I feel that it is an important issue facing our society today because these genetically modified organisms can be released into the environment, when we don't even know what kind of damage they could cause to the environment, as well as the damage it can do to other organisms around them.

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What's wrong about it?

The problem with genetic engineering is that you are attempting to create something totally out of nature, as well as we don't even know what all the causes of genetic engineering can do. It is brand new technology it is alternating the traits of living organisms by intersecting genetic material that has been manipulated by artificial means. Because of this genetic engineering may one day become the normal for everyone to do it, causing the genes from sexual reproduction to not even matter anymore because everyone would just genetically engineer their children to be what they want and who they want them to be.

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Addressing the "problem"

The possible problem would be it being distant to us, and just something that we don't understand too much, so it could be dangerous dealing with something that we don't know about. So a way to address the problem and try fixing it would be just by doing more research over it. By doing more experiments and research over genetic engineering over plants and animals before testing it on humans could help with knowing more about it and making it less likely to be dangerous.

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Glowing Rats and Extreme Genetic Engineering