DOUBLE Scentsy Half-Priced Rewards

when you close a qualifying Party in January 2016

We met at a Pet Expo or Home/Sports Show or Bridal Show and you filled out a Drawing Form indicating you'd like to earn some Free Scentsy by Hosting a Party.

This is the perfect month to do it - because your Party of $200 or more that closes this month will receive TWICE the Half-Priced Rewards.

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We can do it all online, you don't even need to clean your living room. It takes me all of two minutes to set up a Party on my website. Send me an Email, text, or give me a call and I'll put your Party on my website and we'll talk about how you can best promote your Party to your friends, family, and co-workers.

305.741.2468 (I do live in the AZ Valley - just kept my Key West phone number)

I hope to help you earn all sorts of fabulous free and almost free Scentsy products!!!

OR maybe you'd like to sign up to be a Consultant yourself? You can earn commission on your own purchases. Then eventually your family and friends will catch on and you'll earn commission on their business as well.

For $99 you get everything you need to get started, including 1oz wax testers of each of our active scents and a number of different products that you can use yourself or sell. It's valued at over $300!

Hosting a Party is a great way to earn the money to afford the Starter Kit. A new Consultant earns $100 at a Party that closes with about $500 in sales.

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Have friends and family out of the Country? You can sign up in a number of different Countries to sell - I'm currently signed up to sell in the US, Canada, and Mexico and am thinking about adding New Zealand and Australia!