Digital Citizenship

Via R. Period 2

Digital Etiquette Rule: #1

Digital Etiquette: Be Kind, have manners toward others and have respect towards others to the person on the other side of the screen.

Information Privacy Rule: #2

Information Privacy: Do not give away any of your personal information like your email, credit card number, phone number, etc. Protect yourself from virus spams that waste space on your computer.Do not let adds lure you into their trap.

Social Networking Rule: #3

Social Networking: Do not share anything personal or embarrassing online that you would not show to your friends, family, teacher, potential employeeres, classmates, or college admissions officers to see.

Online Safety Rule: #4

Online Safety: Online always keep your identity a secret, Before you know what a site is about stay anonymous. Don't sign up for any site without consent from your parents. Be very careful with strangers, if you get an im, or an email from someone you do not know it is the best option not to answer it. Tell somebody if someone makes you feel bad or uncomfortable. Protect your password, keep your passwords in a safe place don't tell anybody. Be nice, respect peoples feelings and belifs.

Cyberbullying Rule: #5

Cyberbullying: Do not bully over the internet or through texts and emails, Do not send mean messages, Or post embarrassing photos or secrets about somebody, do not leave people out of online groups, do not spread rumors or pose as somebody to make them look bad. Don't fight back with a cyberbully that's what they want is to get a reaction about.

Plagiarism Rule: #6

Plagiarism: Do not steal other peoples words and ideas, if work is copied give credit or contribute to your sources if you use someone else's work or verbatim then put it in quotation marks and you should credit the author(according to: source) , you can also use footnotes or endnotes. The last thing you can do it put a bibliography.

Copyright Rule: #7

Copyright: Do not make copies of other peoples work without their permission. Do not use, copy, or display without the permission of the creator. You can not copyright ideas, concepts, or procedures on tangible expression. Do not infringe on someone else's copyright.

What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital citizenship includes something called a digital footprint it is like a dossier, before you are even born you have a digital footprint. Your first ultrasound in the womb, and then when you are born friends and family post these wonderful moment on social media sites and there begins your digital footprint. From all of the videos and research i have done, what i have learned is digital citizenship has a code of conduct or a set of rules, seven of them exact to always follow to use the internet correctly and properly. these seven rules consist of Digital etiquette which is being kind online, there is Information Privacy which is not giving away any of your personal information, There is also Social networking which when using you should never give away anything personal or embarrassing. There are more rules like this but we do not need a book to explain you get the concept . To go more in depth to what digital citizenship is i will tell you that digital citizenship is specifically when you are using responsible and appropriate behavior when using the wonderful yet dangerous world of the internet or world wide web. All of the digital netiquette or etiquette rules and then your digital footprint they all have something to do with your digital footprint they all intertwine with each other and work together like a well oiled machine.

What is a Digital Footprint?

A digital footprint is something that starts before you are even born, while you are in the womb you are being documented your first ultrasound, your first kick, or heartbeat. When you are born friends and family come to visit sharing this joyful and happy moment among many social media sites r and there begins our digital footprint. As you grow up you have birthday parties, family outings, BBQ's, etc. were almost always you are documented photos are taken by here 9t comes again your family and friends. These photos that are taken can be linked or traced back to you. when you go to college for example the college takes a peek at your digital footprint to make sure that you are eligible for a scholarship or even just to go there. The point that i'm making you always have a digital; footprint from day one when you enter this world you have what you could call a tab something that keeps track of everywhere you go every place you visit and things in that range. Your digital footprint has its name for a reason the internet keeps track of the "footprints" that you leave online.