The Pearl

John Steinbeck


In the book, The Pearl, Coyotito, Kino and Juana's (the main characters) baby has been stung by a deadly scorpion sting. They take him to the rich doctor, but he refuses to treat the baby. Then they find a great pearl and everyone finds out about it really fast. The doctor then claims that he is taking care of the baby and he tricked Kino and Juana. Then Kino goes to sell the pearl, but the buyers say that the pearl isn't worth as much as Kino thinks that it is. Kino declares that he is going to the capitol. The next morning Juana tries to get rid of the pearl then Kino beats her for trying to get rid of it. When Kino is on his way back to their hut someone strikes him and he kills the man. When Juana gets back their house was set on fire, but she got Coyotito out in time. When Kino goes to check on his boat, he finds out that someone put a huge hole in the bottom. That night they hide in Juan Thomas's house. He is the brother of Kino. The next morning they set out to the capitol on foot. Then they see the 3 trackers that are following them and they head for the mountains. The trackers are camping in the mountains right in front of them. So Kino goes and when he gets down there Coyotito makes a sound from up in the cave and one of the trackers shoots him with his gun. Then Kino attacks them and kills all of them. When Kino and Juana gets back to the village, they are silent and don't talk to anyone. Then Kino Throws the Pearl Back into the Ocean.

Main Charcters


In the beginning of the story Kino seems nice, but it turns out that he is very greedy and mean. He has to change so that he can get rid of the pearl and not get killed.


Juana is an gentle, but very protective mother. She has to fight for what she believes in, but while she she is doing this her baby gets killed, because of Kino.

The Doctor

The doctor is very tricky, evil, and greedy in the book. He will only help people who are sick if he gets paid. He is very rich because of this.

Pearl Buyers

The pearl buyers are very tricky and greedy. They try to trick Kino into believing that the pearl is worth so little.

"The little one - the first born - has been poisoned by the scorpion"

"My son will read and open the books, my son will write and will know writing"

Setting and Theme


In the early morning. In a brush hut, near the ocean in the middle of summer.


Greed is very bad for you. If you become greedy, you will have bad things happen to you and you might do bad things to others.