Security Technologies

Are You Safe?

This flyer is going to be about security technologies. The information are below about the different kinds of security technologies.
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Pin Numbers

These are widely used for bank cards when using the ATM machine. Each

cardholder has his own PIN number, which he or she must enter to use the ATM

machine. It is normally a four digit number.

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The use of mobile phones, emails and other social networking sites are

increasing everyday and it is important to make laws which protect the

individual and also regulate the information being passed. Crimes related to

these must have protection laws as well as punishment clauses.

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Biometric Scanners

Biometric scanners are basically finger scan, facial scan and eye retina scan used

to identify the person to give him access to the computer.

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Encryption is used to protect the information passed from getting into wrong

hands by converting the electronic data in another form called ciphertext. Only

people have the permission to use the information can understand this language.

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Forensic Computing

One way of finding out how a crime has taken place is by using forensic

computing. This method involves checking the mobile phone to see when and

what he/she has been talking on the phone. You can locate a person through the

mobile phone. We can also look into his computer to investigate his emails and

Facebook page to see what he/she has been up to. These help the police get a picture

of the crime.

Recently there was news about the Chinese government using hackers to hack

emails of top US officials and other government and army websites. These are

done to get secret information and learn about the strength and planning

strategy of the US government.