Violence In Central Africa

Four people were wounded in capital of Central Africa


S: Violence in Central African Republic

O: Four people were wounded in the capital of an African republic

A: This article is for anyone involved with Africa and up to date with current violent outbreaks.

P: The purpose is to inform people that violence is out there and not everywhere is safe.

S: The speaker is by Crispin Dembassa-Kette for Reuters.

Tone: The tone is sorry.

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Turmoil: state of great disturbance, confusion, or uncertainty

Swathes: broad strips or areas of something

Precarious: not securely held or in position

Interim: intervening time

Intervened: come between

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WOW Statement

The violent turmoil happening lately has been terrible. Many people have gotten hurt and no one's attempts at intervening have worked. Everyone feels like they have to stay in a precarious place at all times.

All this violence is happening in other countries. I wonder if things will start getting worse in our country. We already have violence, but I wonder if it will go farther than it has. We have resources for events like this but I don't know if it will be enough.