Online Safety

Come Learn About Internet Safety!

Identity theft

Identity theft is when someone finds a way to get your credit card number and access to your account. Once that happens you are done for, any money is basically gone that you have stored in that account to the last cent. Be safe ask the bank every time that you get an update email and make sure its them.

Virus Protectors

Virus protectors they help you in more ways than one especially if people want to steal important information and maybe get into your banking. Virus protectors stop that they make sure that no one gets through and steals or gets your information.

Personal Information

Where you live,where you go to school,the closest park to you. Anything about your general area can lead to bad things don't trust people online that you don't know and don't get to comfortable with someone online it is dangerous so don't do it and if someone asks to meet then end it block or ignore them


Sexting is the act of sending sexually explicit photos, messages, voicemails, IM’s, videos, etc., either via phone, computer, webcam or other device. Sending suggestive and explicit content has been done for hundreds of years, what’s different now is the combination of technology that can broadcast this information instantly and virally, and the permanence of sending and storing this content on digital media – phones, computers, servers, and so on.

Though the frequency of sexting shows little gender variation, the pressure to participate in sexting is considerably stronger for girls. 51% of teen girls said pressure from a guy was the reason they sexted compared to just 18% of teen boys who said they felt pressure from a girl