Non sticky, non flammable, and edible

Its a pillow made out of Marshmallows

In need of a midnight snack? Don't want to walk downstairs? Then this pillow is perfect the pillow for you! This is a fluffy pillow but also a delicious midnight snack. But don't worry that you'll eat it all because, it all it grows back after you take a bite. Its the best pillow ever!

This is the offical pillow of all 5 in R5

The best pillow ever

You can get the amazing Marshpellow for only $25.90. With free processing and handling. When you get Marshpellow you will be the coolest person in the neighborhood.

Friday, July 12th 2013 at 4:30pm

From now until July 12 when you order 1 you get the 2nd one half off!