Save the chimps


The chimps are more related to humans more than any other animal. That it lacks a tail. The Bonobo is a bit shorter and slimmer in the chests and the hips.


Chimps live in the rain forest, savanna-woodlands, and many other forest.

Why Chimps are endangered

Chimps are endangered because they face a very high risk of extinction in the wild, in the near future. People are taking their habitats and they are cutting their trees down. Also people catch them for food and pets or taking them to the zoo. People also take them to get their fur. There is about 172,700 to 299,700 chimps left in the wild.

How can you help chimpanzees

Help chimpanzee!

People can stop the extinction by not cutting down the trees ( their homes). Stop capturing them for pets and for food. Also, build a endangered animal sanctuary. Finally we can help by stop taking them to the zoo.

Help us save the chimpanzees!

Other interesting facts

  • Chimps became more aggressive and violent when humans disturb their habitats.
  • Chimps eat bamboo but, humans are taking it to make food.
  • A chimp is one of the most closest looking animal that looks just like us.