Michael Jackson

By: Kyle Van Roekel

Michael Jackson was a very well know, and popular singer. What made him a even better singer was his dance moves and his music videos to go along with him singing.


Michael Jackson first started singing in his room when he was listening to a James Brown song. His mother, Katherine saw him dancing and singing to a James Brown song. She later went to Joe, Michael's dad and said "I think we have a lead singer". Katherine also said that "Sometimes his special abilities would frighten her". Michael later became apart of the Jackson 5 and went with his brothers to preform. People would say that little Jackson was cute but at the same time he was absolute dynamite. Michael and his brothers all rehearsed with his dad for about three years before he turned them loose. Joe said that " When I found out my kids interested in becoming entertainers, I really went to work with them.


Michael made history while in the Jackson 5 with his brothers. In 1982 they had their first four singles No. 1 hits. Later that earned the Jackson 5 their first GRAMMY nominations for Best Contemporary Vocal Performance By A Duo, Group Or Chorus. In 1983 Michael showed off his first move which would later be known as the "moon walk" during the performance of his song "Billie Jean".


Michael Jackson influenced the way that people made music videos, sang and danced. Like Justin Timberlake how he makes music videos and he is also a really good singer and dancer. Michael influenced many people to become better dancers and better singers.
Michael was the type of person that would inspire a lot of people to become better a singing and dancing. He was known for musical videos and dancing in them. Overall Michael was a very popular person and was amazing at his job.