It's killing YOU and Others

Smoking can Kill!!

Have you ever wondered why so many people in this world are dying? Well smoking is one of the leading causes to it causing many other complications to your body. We need to be able to realise ourselves that what we are doing to ourselves is not only hurting us but people around us as well. If we are smoking around children then they are also breathing in the toxic air we are too, except they don't choose to. Think of others not only yourself.

A problem in today's world is that adults who smoke are influencing children who are only in their teens that it is ok to smoke, which is not good. Do you really want to see you children go through hard ships with cancer and other deadly illnesses that can be caused by smoking?

Think before you light a cigarette as you can be saving someones life. Which can make a difference in this world today to teach our children that SMOKING IS NOT OK.

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Where you can find help and Tips for Quiting

Helping yourself can also save someone else's life too. Call the Quit line on 13 7848 or seek medical attention at your local G.P.

Quitting Smoking Timeline